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About Us


Siesta Bed was created by renegades!  

With the objective of creating high quality mattress products at a price that anyone can afford, all the while creating a socially conscious business to make a positive impact on how the entire world sleeps.

Every idea starts with a problem and ours was simple. We spent years watching consumers and friends complain about lost sleep. When we really started digging into it, the reasons were many but most of them were of the mindset that if they bought a more expensive mattress, the problem would be solved. This is exactly what the big-name manufacturers want you to think, but our founders spent years in the industry and understand that this is simply just a ploy to get more of your hard-earned money.

You see, every traditional mattress company is essentially making the same product. Most of them even buy from the same small group of foam and coil suppliers, which means their products are all the same. The only differentiator between one manufacturer and the other is how much money they spend on marketing to get you to buy their products.

We created Siesta Bed as the simple solution. At Siesta Bed, we don’t like sales and marketing tactics, so we’ve decided to make it really simple. We’ve cut out the useless product features and the sales tactics and created exactly what consumers prefer at the absolute fairest price possible.

By cutting out the traditional suppliers, multiple shipping channels, and engaging with customers directly, we can provide a higher quality, more convenient mattress at a fraction of the going price. We believe that everyone should be able to live their best life and it all starts with a great night’s sleep. A mattress should leave you feeling well rested, youthful, and a little richer by leaving more money in your pocket.

We also believe everyone in the world should have a right to live their best life.

In our travels, we have met tons of people who have never had a quality mattress, some who share a small poorly made mattress with siblings and some with no homes at all. To combat this problem, we will donate a portion of our profits every year to helping the less fortunate sleep better.

  It’s not complicated, we just provide quality mattresses to help the entire world sleep better.


Why We Started:

Everything we do, we believe in challenging old school thinking. We want to help the world live a better life.



How We Do It:

We cut out all of the worthless materials and eliminated the fine print.

What We Do:

We make the most desired mattress configuration on the planet at the fairest price possible.

Transform your life today.