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General FAQ’s


Pre-Purchase Questions

 What is your recycling fee?

New laws in CaliforniaConnecticut and Rhode Island now require retailers to collect a small fee at check-out for each mattress sold.

The fees are then transferred to the state to fund their recycling efforts. The collection of fees is mandated by these new laws. Even if you aren't getting rid of a mattress now, you will eventually and the collection of fees now help to cover those costs down the road.

The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC), a non-profit organization established by the mattress industry, created and manages the program. The MRC utilizes a network of organizations to effectively pickup, transport and recycle old mattresses within the new government regulations. To learn more about the initiative, visit mattressrecyclingcouncil.org

 Can I try the product before purchasing?

We designed our mattresses after many years of studying what consumers like. Our configuration is the most purchased mattress configuration on retail floors, so there’s an extremely high chance that this mattress is perfect for you.

We enlisted the help of some of the best mattress engineers in the business to help us perfect this product so you don’t have to spend your time doing so.

We stand behind them 180% with a 180 night risk free trial, free shipping, no hassle returns and the best customer support in the business.

 Do you offer financing?

We are working on a contract now with a 3rd party finance company but do not have it finalized yet. For now we are directing our customers to PayPal Credit which has an amazing 6 month same as cash offer.

 Delivery and Shipping Policies

 How much is shipping?


That was another thing that consumers hate about buying at the store is paying the additional shipping fees. We ship via UPS Ground and as long as your order before noon Monday-Friday your product will ship the same day.

What is UPS My Choice?

UPS offers a great service called UPS My Choice that includes a number of features such as:

  • - requesting a future delivery date
    - rerouting delivery to a different address
    - receiving delivery alerts
    - specifying preferred delivery location
    - option to ship to your local UPS Store
  • We recommend looking into this service in preparation for your shipment.
  • Note: Some features are available for a small fee

Can I change my address for shipping?

As long as your product has not already been processed then yes. Remember we ship same day Mon-Friday as long as you get your order in by noon, so you have to be lightning fast to make an address change. Please send requests as soon as possible to info@siestabed.com or speak with our customer service team on our live chat at the bottom right corner of the website.

If the product has already been processed, then you can contact UPS My Choice Directly to make the change.

 Do you ship internationally?

  • We can ship internationally but keep in mind the 180 night trial and warranty are void as soon product leave the United States. Also, there will be international shipping fees added for international shipping.



What is your return policy?

We're 100% positive you’re gonna love it, but if for some reason you don't, you have up to 180 nights to try. Just give us a shout and we will handle the pick up, hassle free.

We do require you try the product for at least 30 days.  This gives your body time to adjust to the feel of a new mattress and the mattress time to conform to your body. If you decide the product is not for you, just give us a shout and we will coordinate a pick up and refund 100% of your purchase price.

 Can I return the mattress in the original box?

 Our mattresses will not fit back in the original box once they are opened. Don't worry, we'll come to you! Our pickup team will retrieve the mattress or foundation no matter where you are with no additional effort or cost on your part. Once we verify the pickup we'll refund your purchase.

 Does Siesta Bed have a warranty?

We offer a 12 years limited warranty. Please review our warranty terms on the home page for more details on warranty policy.

 Is the Siesta Mattress Available on Amazon?

Yes, the Siesta Mattress is available on Amazon.

How do I return products purchased on Amazon?

If you purchased a mattress on Amazon, you have 180 nights to request your return. Returns for Amazon purchases must be initiated through Amazon.com directly.  You can begin the process by logging into your Amazon.com account and submitting the return and refund request on the order. 

We recommend chatting with Amazon Customer Support directly for return options. Alternatively, you can contact Amazon Large Item Pickups toll-free at 866-423-5353 to make arrangements


Siesta Bed Mattress Details

 What’s inside the Siesta Mattress?

2” Cooling Gel Memory Foam-

You get the same benefits of a memory foam comfort layer with none of the heat that comes with it. Our Memory Foam is infused with gel to keep you nice and cool while you sleep.  

1,700 Individually Pocketed Mini Coils-

Our mini coils are designed to conform to your body’s pressure points to give you the bounce back that consumers want and need. The individual pocket coil conforms to your pressure points from any sleep position, just another reason the highest percentage of people request our configuration.

*More than 1,700 coils in the King Size

 6” of Ventilated Polyurethane Foam

Our base foam is ventilated with air flow channels to keep you nice and cool at night.

 Zip off Removable Cover

We designed our cover to be machine washable or dry cleanable. This way if your mattress gets stained, you can zip it off, toss it in the washer and clean it. You can’t do that with traditional mattresses. We still recommend spot cleaning when you can simply because it’s easier but if washing is necessary, it’s certainly possible. 

Set up and Care

 How do I set up the mattress once it arrives?

We find it easiest to take the box into the bedroom where you will use the mattress and then follow the steps below:

  1. Open one end of the box and pull the rolled up mattress out of the box.
  2. Set the roll onto your foundation or wooden slats and remove the plastic wrap. Please do not use a sharp object for you risk cutting the mattress.
  3. At this point, you will start to see the mattress expanding
  4. Now pull off the remaining plastic inside and watch it expand. Within about an hour you will see the mattress expanded and you’ll be napping in no time.

*The mattress will fully expand in about an hour but could take a day or too to become fully firm.

What’s the weight capacity?

This mattress has been weight tested to hold individual up to 300lbs


When will I receive the Siesta Mattress?

If you order before noon Mon-Fri we will ship out on UPS Ground that same day. Southeast customers have been receiving their product the same day or next day at the latest.

 Do you use a fire retardant barrier?



Set up and care


What foundations work best?

  • Option 1: Solid Base
  • There are 3 ways to get a solid base:
    - A solid platform bed
    - A solid box spring
    - A bunkie board on a traditional box spring
  • Option 2: A slatted base

    Slats in a modern style traditional bed should be flat, solid and have no give. For the optimum feel, slats should be no more than 3 inches apart.

Do I need a traditional bed frame?

No.  Setting up your mattress with a bed frame is entirely up to you.

Bed frames are commonly used to position a mattress and box foundation so that the bed stays in place and to raise the mattress off of the floor. Or when setting up a headboard or canopy as both require a bed frame.  

We strongly recommend placing your mattress on a stable base, whether that's a traditional metal frame with foundation, a platform bed or on slats.

 What size mattress do you offer?

Currently we offer Twin, Full, Queen, King

 Are slats ok to use with my mattress?

Slats are ideal but make sure they are spaced around 3” apart. Keep in mind, our mattress needs to be setup on a flat surface. Some slats are bowed and not straight which will change the entire feel of the product.


How much does the mattress weigh?

Twin- 75lbs

Full 100 lbs

Queen 120lbs

King 150lbs.

 How do I clean my mattress?

Always try to spot treat first with mild detergent and cool water but our mattress was designed for you to be able to unzip and wash the cover. If the stain us something that can’t be removed through spot treatment, then it’s super easy to unzip and toss in the washer or dry clean.