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The Mattress

Siesta Dream Machine


After 18 months of working with some
of the best mattress engineers in the world,
we bring to you the most desired
mattress configuration on the planet.
You'll feel the pressure relieving
benefits of memory foam with
the bounce back and orthopedic
support of coils.
Absolutely nothing contours to
your body better than our
Individually Pocketed




Individually Pocketed Coils


Ever sleep on a mattress where you feel your partner tossing a turning all night? Not anymore... Our individually pocketed coils eliminate motion transfer so you'll have no idea when your partner moves. The Siesta Mattress has over 1,700 coils in queen size which move independently from each other to support your body in any sleeping position. More coils mean more active points in the mattress, providing better bounce back and support.

Temperature Regulating Foam


Traditional Memory Foam is so not cool–pun intended. That's why we infuse ours with gel which regulates body temperature and keeps you cool while you sleep.

Breathable Base Foam


Our breathable base foam features ventilated air flow zones to help keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Experience impeccable craftmanship.